get more info خدمة أفضل وأسرع للعملاء بتقدم الخدمات التي تقضي على الجهد والوقت في البحث عن أفضل تغطية تأمينية من شركات التأمين وشركات وسائط التأمين وشراء وثائق التأمين بأنواعها وتقديم أفضل الخدمات للعملاء كخدمة السيارات البديلة وخدمات الطريق ويمكنك انهاء إجراءات التعويض عند وقوع الحوادث وأنت في مكانك بدون الذهاب لشركات التأمين حتى استلام سيارتك من الكراج بعد الإصلاحات وتقديم ما يسهل على الشركات في إدارة قسم السيارات والشركات المساندة.

iv.     OIC , at any time and at its complete discretion, to work with and/or disclose the particulars and information provided in the Insurance policies Plan or the appliance or any details concerning Your liabilities to OIC, or any other fiscal information and facts which include any breach of obligations or defaults (including in top quality payment or repayment) or every other economic info to almost every other entity, Group, fiscal institutions or banking companies, credit card debt assortment companies or credit history bureaus;

OIC would make no guarantee for you or 3rd parties that the power might be virus cost-free. OIC won't be chargeable for any immediate, incidental or consequential reduction, which can be triggered to you personally as a result of Your usage of the ability / Facility.

(i)     If any element pointed out and/or declared to OIC by the power such as the submitted Proposal Sort is uncovered fraudulent and/or unfounded, OIC reserves its right to forfeit all Advantages payable underneath the Plan and/or think about the Policy as void/void ab-initio at OIC's sole discretion without having recourse to the Customer.

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